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Hi, I am Romil Gandhi. I am currently pursuing Masters in Computer Engineering and hold a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Mumbai University. Prior, I did my diploma in computer engineering from MSBTE, India. Currently, my primary interests are in the security and privacy, which is a major cause in IT. I am keenly interested in deepening my knowledge regarding malicious content. I have studied discrete subjects related to security and algorithm which includes GSM networks, reverse engineering, authentication protocols to name a few. My rigid-belief is to scrutinize security to traverse novel conclusions. Research papers referencing GSM Security, procedure to initiate cracking and PPCCP (Password Persuasive Cued click Points) had been published.

Recent Work

1. I am working on obtaining Wireless-Fidelity password using Backtrack OS. I am quite eager to fetch these passwords which are under the WPA and WPA2/PSK standards. Currently am working on a method to find security loop holes in the above specified algorithms by using an antenna of different decibels to observe the hopping between channels and selecting the required specific channel.

2. PPCCP - A module which is a combination of text-based password and graphical cued click points used for authentication. It consists of a single licensing module which provides multi-user support in a single machine. I have been trying to implement certain algorithms which could make reversing/cracking of software's a bit more complicated by introducing detection of malicious content/applications like key-loggers. To detect application like key-loggers, the different API's which deals with file I/O, network and keyboard will be monitored during run-time.
The anti-debugging and anti-disassembling feature will also be implemented. This module is currently being developed in c# and will only be available for the windows platform. The generated DLL can be directly invoked as a library in any other software being developed. Once it clears the final coding stage, it will be tested with different key-loggers and debuggers which are available on internet for enhancing performance and security.
This is my final year project for masters and it will be completed by the month of May'15.

3. To learn more about the security issues, I have tried to debug small applications with the help of various other applications like OllyDbg, hex editors (like HEdit), W32dasm, DotNet Resolver, Import REConstructor, JD-GUI, DeDe, Resource Hacker and so on. I have listed out some of the software’s that have been successfully debugged.

Note: The explanation for each individual debugged application has been provided within archive.

Applications for practice
Name Description Click to Download
KeyGen Me 2 By KiTo. "Read Me" for further details. It also consists of key-gen.
PlanetHaX_KeyGen "Read Me" explains everything.
Gold Burn "Read Me" for further procedure.
login This is designed in Java. Debugger is also provided.
RoboAuth DOS based. "Read Me" for address and passwords.

The List will be soon updated.

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