Designing and developing projects requires a great degree of knowledge and skill. When I started my diploma project, I was unaware of the many challenges I was up against, but my professors guided me through each hurdle in an excellent way, and I succeeded. While I was doing my Degree, I was a bit confused in deciding what my final year project would be, but my friends and professors acted as my counselors and helped me through it. At last, while pursuing my master’s course, I had discovered the project of my interest and I started working on it day and night after having it approved by the authority in charge, and today I can proudly say that I am nearly at the edge of completion.

  1. Password Persuasive Cued Click Points (PPCCP)

    PPCCP is my current project for masters degree. Year: 2014-2015.

    PPCCP is a software module that helps to provide sustainable protection for desktop applications. As a module, it can be attached to any process or program to augment its security. The underlying concept of PPCCP is to implement a graphical password protection scheme that does not eliminate text based password (as in PCCP) but provides a similar level of security that of desktop applications. It is a combination of passwords and persuasive click points.
    The PPCCP also provides security against debuggers and dis-assemblers. The protection is designed to resist against malicious content like key loggers by monitoring API’s for unusual activities. It also provides single machine licensing facility which was developed using SQL (new GUID) and windows registry.

  2. Clinical Decision Support System

    CDSS was my Final year degree project. Year: 2011-2012.

    A clinical decision support system is designed to help healthcare professionals to make better clinical decisions. It is a reliable diagnostic program to reduce misdiagnosis especially when symptoms are objective. It was implemented using neural networks and back propagation algorithm to train a virtual physician to think, learn and diagnose different types of diseases. It provides functions such as alerts, reminders, prescription support and a centralized storage of patient records and related information. It was tested for five different diseases (Jaundice, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, and Chicken Guinea). The CDSS can lead to a reduction of the practice pattern variation that plagues the healthcare delivery process.

  3. Annunciator System

    My final year Diploma project was Annunciator system - An alarm system. It was completed in the year 2008.

    An Annunciator system was developed to be used in Industries to bring the attention of an operator to some unsafe operating condition such as fire, water logging and to detect smoke. To meet these emergencies, specific sensors were implemented which detected and signal the designed system about the location and type of emergency. Traditional system used discrete alarm modules for this purpose. These dedicated hardware units are diminishing in numbers, yet are still used as backup units and in installations where simplicity is desired.


It was developed using HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL and JavaScript. Adobe FireWorks and Microsoft Paint was used to design graphics.